Luxury hotels becoming fine art spaces

This article talks about luxury hotels but in actual fact, I would say it applies to the greater hotel population!  As an artist, I am excited about the fact that art can potentially reach more audiences by coming out of galleries and into hotels.  Not only does art enhance the uniqueness of a hotel environment but it provides a way for guests to connect with the art itself and the spaces the art 'lives in'.

Luxury hotels are becoming fine art spaces to rival many galleries . . .

Alex Toledano, a Paris-based art consultant whose clients include Ritz-Carlton hotels, says: “Hotels, especially hotel owners, recognise that they have been spending a decent amount on art for many years without it doing anything special for their property. They’ve realised that the money could be used not only to tell an interesting narrative about their properties but also to make them more memorable."

He adds that hotels used to purchase decorative art from “manufacturing companies” that churned out works in bulk. “Now you’re starting to see the desire of hotels to ask more of the artwork to make their property unique, rather than resembling many others.”

There is also a move away from abstract art, previously considered the “least offensive” form, he says. “Now, hotels are willing to take more of a risk. That is what is making art in hotels exciting right now. Our clients are asking for a diversity of art that we wouldn’t have expected a couple of years ago.”

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