Thoughts on the ART of hospitality

Art 'experiences' which occur outside of traditional galleries can be such an unexpected pleasure; experiences to both share and remember.

When responding to a site, I see it as my ‘job’ to create art works which connect ‘the viewer’ to a place, an idea, a good feeling; to take them somewhere they didn’t even know they wanted to go! Pieces do not necessarily need to make big statements, they can ‘speak quietly’ and be harmonious with their environment - imagery that slowly draws you in. 
As an artist who also curates exhibitions for hospitals, I am always mindful of how people might respond and feel to pieces. We all connect to art in different ways and that's what makes it so wonderfully personal but one thing is clear….. there is much more chance of ‘a connection’ when an artist has been mindful of how the art might be perceived whilst at the same time staying true to their ‘own voice’.

This bridging of respect for the feeling’s of others and confidence in what you personally have to offer is what I think of as the art of balanced sensitivity - something independent hoteliers provide as a matter of course with their uniqueness and warm hospitality!